#4 Chinese habits you will have to deal with

Despite Chinese people are so welcoming and you’ll ever feel comfortable and safe in the country, there are some typical features you’ll have to deal with!

#1. Chinese people speak loud.

And…if they are not speaking, they’re loud anyway. The primary source of their loudness is the cell phone. Earphones are OUT! Quite better to talk on speakerphone! And, of course, listen to music, play videogames or watching movies with speakers… is far better, too!

And, to overcome the omnipresent sound of cell phones, nothing can be better than using speaker horns or microphones!!

China | © Living-Meanwhile

#2. Bellies are proudly shown

If for Western people it’s cooler and cooler to show ankles… In China, bellies are the new ankles!! You can walk pulling up frequently your t-shirt, to keep your belly uncovered. But a MUST, it’s to block the t-shirt under the breast, so that the belly will be definitely and totally airy!! And they have such good bellies…. believe me…!!!

China | © Living-Meanwhile

#3. Yes, they SPIT.

Just pay attention!! In the loudness of your walking, there’s a moment that you will hear the clear sound of “spit charging“. It’s a very distinctive sound, you can’t be wrong with it. And this happens when you are unluckly overtaking that person (every time.). And now that’s your choice. You have 50% of probability to survive. ‘Cause they’re spitting on one side. Right? Left? Just on one side. Right? Or left? Choose your side, pass him…and good luck!!!

#4. Tan is out, Umbrella is a must!

Actually, they use to have 2 different kinds of umbrella, one black inside (for sun!), one clear (for rain!). So, while going out from home, they still have to make their choice!! But, the result for you, tourist, is that both on raining and sunny days, you’ll have to dodge umbrellas anyway, all day long!!

Bell Tower, Xi’an | China | © Living-Meanwhile
Shanghai | China | © Living-Meanwhile

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