Tiger Leaping Gorge – High Trail – How to get and more infos

Tiger Leaping Gorge is a 5-7h (Day 1) and 1,5-3h (Day 2) hiking in one of the most gorgeous panoramas you’ll see in your life.

STEP 1 – Take the bus from Lijiang

From Lijiang just let your hostel book a bus ticket for you on the Tina’s bus (40Y). It leaves every morning at 7.30 from the main road, just out of Zhongyi Market (your hostel will take you to the right point, don’t worry!). The journey takes 2-2,5h. It will bring you to Qiaotou, right at the beginning of the High Trail, at 10.00 am with your ticket paid (45Y) and ready for the long hiking!

Tiger Leaping Gorge Map

All along your hike, the High Trail is clearly indicated. In any case, track on Maps.me it’s very accurate.

Tiger Leaping Gorge | China | © Living-Meanwhile

STEP 2 – Start hiking

In the very first part, after getting down from the bus and until the very starting point of the high trail, could be just a little bit tricky to find the path. Use Maps.me or ask locals and you’ll have no problem at all!

Then, the High Trail starts! It gets strongly up until the Viewpoint (see Step 3). After that, the hike will be more simple and relaxing! Along the way, you could find some (few) huts, selling cold water and tea at a relatively honest price. But there are not so many, so bring some water (and some food!!) with you before starting your hike!

Teahorse Guesthouse: you’ll be there around 3 pm.

Halfway Guesthouse (my choice for sleeping): you’ll be there around 5 pm. No need to book in advance.

Tiger Leaping Gorge Hiking Map

STEP 3 – Pay 10Y to see one of the most gorgeous panoramas of your life!

Don’t be stingy, give the 10Y to the lady in the huts..

Tiger Leaping Gorge | China | © Living-Meanwhile

STEP 4 – Sleep in this little paradise!

I personally recommend sleeping in Halfway Guesthouse. 40Y for a bed in a dorm, a menu for dinner (5.30pm-7pm) and breakfast (6.30am-10am). Not need to book, it quite big..and the panorama is astonishing.

Halfway (Paradise) Guesthouse, Tiger Leaping Gorge | China | © Living-Meanwhile

STEP 5 – Trek down to Tina’s Guesthouse

It takes 1,50h hike to Tina’s. The path is almost all downhill, sometimes a little bit exposed. At Tina’s you can book your bus tickets for the way back to Lijiang or to go further to Shangri-Là. If you arrive at Tina’s at 10am/10.30am, you’re still in time to reach the Middle Tiger Leaping Gorge. Or you can just rest and have your lunch!

Tiger Leaping Gorge | China | © Living-Meanwhile

STEP 6 – Take your bus back to Lijiang (or go further to Shangri-La)

Bus from Tina’s to Lijiang: departing at 2.30 pm (50Y, 2,5h journey).

Bus from Tina’s to Shangri-La: departing at 3.30 pm (55Y, 3h journey). To come back from Shangri-La to Lijiang, you can take a public bus, departing from South Bus Station every 30 minutes from 7 am (4h journey).

Tiger Leaping Gorge | China | © Living-Meanwhile

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